Air Cooled Condensers

For steam cycles of 1 to 1000MW EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling can supply the Air Cooled Condenser that is right for your application. Irrespective of the fuels source; biomass, fossil, solar or nuclear an EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling ACC can significantly reduce the water requirements of any steam cycle power plant. Some features of an EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling offering are:


The safety of our clients is as important to EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling as it is to them. At every step of the ACC design process consideration is given to the safety of both the construction team and the day to day operators of EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling ACC. During the execution of the project input is solicited from all the safety stakeholders and incorporated into the design of the ACC. Making an EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling ACC the safest ACC to build and operate.


The EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling team are the most experienced ACC team in the industry today. This United States based team is experienced in supplying ACC’s all over the world designed to the codes and regulations of each region.


From Traditional Construction to Any Level of Modularization EVAPCO-BLCT has the proven capabilities to provide ACC’s tailored to any site. In some instances, due to laydown restrictions, labor restrictions, or other reasons, multiple levels of modularization may be desired. EVAPCO's team has executed ACC projects with various construction features utilized, from stick built to two cells fully assembled offsite. EVAPCO-BLCT’s focus on constructability allows our clients to save time and money during the construction phase of a project.


Flexible Designs

EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling can design ACC’s for any prospective site. Advance design capabilities allow EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling to select ACC’s with height, noise, wind or layout restrictions and still guarantee all performance characteristics.

Proven Technology

EVAPCO-BLCT Single Row heat exchanger cores are in operation in over Thirty-Five (35) power plants with combined electrical generation of over 12GW (click here for BLCT reference list). This type of heat exchanger core has been in operation worldwide since 1990 and is the heat exchanger currently being installed in over 90% of ACC’s worldwide.